This week sees an update released for Minecart Runner, this update removes Everyplay – unfortunately the service has stopped running and needed removing from the app. The update also fixes the occasional impossible jump, meaning you shouldn’t fail a run because of the game. And lastly, more runs of diamonds unlock crystals. Crystals are worth more points, so give the opportunity to get a higher score.

Thanks everyone who has downloaded it so far, I hope you’re enjoying it! Share with your friends and compete to get the highest distance with each other! (also give it a rating if you are so inclined :D)

Normal Distance – The current record holder, out of over 1,630 players on iOS with a whopping 47,393 meters! Well done Wilco!

Normal Collectables Score – Tr0janH0rse is the current record holder on this iOS leaderboard, with a score of 23,730 points!

Krazy Distance – This mode is more challenging, and out of nearly 680 players <*Clink*> is leading the pack with a distance of 6,363 metres. Second place is close behind on 6,041 metres.

Krazy Collectables Score – This mode is harder to gain collectable points, the top three are: #1 ahnaf with 190 points, #2 mariel_alexandra with 170 points and #3 goes to Steveminecraft0608 on 150 points.


[h3]Download link[/h3]
Currently v1.20 is only available on iOS, with Android coming soon.

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  • iOS (mobile and tablet) – link