With version 1.7 Shh, Zombies gets double the content and new social features! The update has already been rolled out on all platforms and is available right now.

The update includes:
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  • (New) 20 new levels (10x day and 10x night)
  • (New) 4 new locations
  • (New) 16 Achievements
  • (New) Everyplay – share your mobile gameplay footage with friends! (mobile only)
  • (New) A new enemy type
  • (New) Trial version, the first 5 day levels are available to try for free (Windows Store only)
  • (Update) Tweaked moonlight to make night levels more visible
  • (Update) Tidied up the UI
  • (Update) Lowered draw calls on night levels to improve frame rate
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where enemies would stop following the player if they passed through a waypoint
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed any issues with the correct solution not working due to the above fix


[h3]Available Platforms[/h3]
Shh, Zombies is now available on 4 platforms!

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  • iOS (mobile and tablet) – link
  • Android (mobile and tablet) – link
  • Amazon (mobile and tablet) – link
  • Windows Store (desktop and tablet) – link