Oh man, this past week has been good, ‘Minecart Runner’ was released for Android on Wednesday 7th April 2015, with the iOS version coming out a bit latter on Friday 17th April 2015 … and so far there has been a (combined) total of over 1,000 downloads!

Thanks everyone who has downloaded it so far, I hope you’re enjoying it! Share with your friends and compete to get the highest distance with each other! (also give it a rating if you are so inclined :D)

Normal Distance – The current record holder, out of over 550 players, is on Android with a whopping 148,667 meters! Well done Sam! Unfortunately there is no video for the #1 spot, however second place goes to Wilco3D with 47,393 metres, his video of this great achievement was also shared on Everyplay, you can check it out here. Can anyone else do better than these scores?

Normal Collectables Score – Sam is the current record holder on this leaderboard too, with a score of 109,160 points! Is there anyone out there who can knock him off the top spot?!

Krazy Distance – This mode is more challenging, and out of 170+ players BlackmanLloyd has risen to the #1 spot with a distance of 4,509 metres. Mulio4 is close behind on 3,663 metres and ss2233 his hot on Murlio4’s heals with a score of 3,611 metres. Well done gamers, keep it up!

Krazy Collectables Score – We have a tie for the #2 spot on this leaderboard, Mike062008 and Murilo4 have both overcome the craziness of this mode and achieved a score of 110 points. #1 goes to BlackmanLloyd with 120 points.


Today added another platform to the list of available platforms that Minecart Runner has been released on, and that is the Amazon market place, for the Fire devices!

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  • iOS (mobile and tablet) – link
  • Android (mobile and tablet) – link
  • Amazon (mobile and tablet) – link