Super 23 Racing Mobile

Fun, arcade racing game for mobile

S23R Mobile

Super 23 Racing Mobile is a top down racing game for mobile devices.

S23R Mobile includes three modes of play: - Arcade mode, race any unlocked track against seven AI racers, for fun!
- Championship, with three championships available, compete across three tracks to become the champion and win the beautiful gold cup
- Time Trial, race around your chosen track to get your best time, and compete with other players online to top the leaderboards!
Available now on iOS and Android.


S23R Mobile includes nine beautifully crafted tracks to race around, with ups, downs and jumps, you’ll 


Wtih fourteen different vehicles to choose from, there’s something for everyone. F1? Got it! Monster Truck? Got it! Go Kart? Got it! Muscle Car? Got it!

Grab the game now to see them all!


It’s a race, drive fast or go home! It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.


With three game modes, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Super 23 Racing Mobile.