Shh, Zombies

The puzzle game from Enigma 23

Shh, Zombies

Shh, Zombies is a challenging puzzle game, with stunning voxel graphics and like zombies and stuff. Really fun, trust us, or something.

Available now on iOS, Android and the Windows Store.


With day and night modes, Shh, Zombies offers a great amount of replayability, doubling the amount of levels available. Night mode has more zombies, less lights and harder puzzles to solve. Keep your wits about you and lead Jim safely to the exit.

Voxel Graphics

Detailed, gorgeous voxel graphics help display the beautiful cuboid world that Jim lives in – where the people, nature and even the architecture is cuboid! The poor people of Shh, Zombies evolved with their heads always looking to the sky, which gives them a much brighter outlook on life, especially since the zombie problem broke out.

Turn Based Puzzle

Deep, turn-based puzzle action. You can set up Jim’s path, avoid zombies and watch the action unfold! Place waypoints down to help Jim know where to go, then press go and see him dash to the exit, and safety.


Shh, Zombies is out now on multiple platforms, available on mobile and desktop.

iOS (mobile and tablet) – Link
Android (mobile and tablet) – Link
Windows Store (desktop and tablet) – Link