Minecart Runner

An infinite runner with two game modes, and lots of mayhem

Minecart Runner

Minecart Runner is a challenging infinite runner game, with stunning 2D graphics and casual, yet competitive, gameplay.

Available now on iOS and Android.

2 Game Modes

Minecart Runner has two exciting game modes. Normal mode – take on the mines rails, jump over the crevices and obstacles, collect the precious minerals and survive for as long as possible (don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Pickaxe!). Or take on the Krazy mode and it’s ker-ray-zee physics, how long can you last? Can you best your friends?

Collect Precious Items

Collect the precious minerals that have been uncovered in the mines, collect them and get a high score on the leaderboards!

Reach "Impossible" Distances

With the procedurally generated levels, you can play Minecart Runner until your hearts content, reaching mind bogglingly long distances!

Master Krazy Mode

Take on the crazy physics and randomly generated platforms in ‘Krazy Mode’, how long can you last? How far can you go? And how many diamonds can you collect? Challenge your friends to prove you’re the best!