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Shh, Zombies Big Update!

[h3]Updates[/h3] With version 1.7 Shh, Zombies gets double the content and new social features! The update has already been rolled out on all platforms and is available right now. The update includes: [list type=’8′ color=’magenta’ align=’right’] (New) 20 new levels (10x day and 10x night) (New) 4 new locations (New) 16 Achievements (New) Everyplay – […]

Shh, Zombies Release

We’re nearing the release of ‘Shh, Zombies’ on iOS and Android. The launch is planned for between 16th and 26th October (depending on how long the Apple review process takes). [h3]Launch Features[/h3] In the launch version you can expect to find: [list type=’3′ color=’magenta’] 20 levels Lots of replayability, with multiple game modes. Day Time […]